Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday: 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
After-Hour Emergency Services Available

About Our Company

Harry Wells Sr. and his five sons of Brothers Construction have been working in the Baton Rouge area since 1957, providing roofing, siding, and painting services. When Mr. Wells was preparing to retire and turn the business over to his sons, he told his namesake, "Harry Baby," "Listen son, I don't have a million dollars to give you, but I'm giving you a good name. Let's see if you can give it back to me the same way I gave it to you."

True to his father's name, Harry "Baby" Wells has performed quality work in the Baton Rouge area since 1977 under Brothers Construction, which was formally founded in 1992. To this day, he and his brothers have put their good name on every job they do and stand by their work. Contact our roofing company in Baton Rouge today for more information.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to work with Brothers Construction, you can expect the following:

Stability ⁠— We've been in the community for decades and have weathered the same storms as our customers. We are here to stay.

Workmanship Guaranteed ⁠— We pride ourselves on our work and promise 100% customer satisfaction.

No Down Payments Required ⁠— Most companies require some money from the customer in order to start the job. We require no money up front to start any job no matter how big or small, except in situations where a special order is required.

Commercial Projects

While we primarily work with residential customers, we also have experience working for many commercial customers, including:

  • NASA Space Center in Stennis, MS ⁠— 2006
  • The Original Community Coffee on River Road ⁠— 2002
  • RaceTrac Service Stations ⁠— Since 2005
  • Burger King ⁠— Since 2007
  • Catholic Diocese ⁠— Since 2008